Backyard Nature Photography

  We all have our favorite flowers and bushes in our backyard.  We watch them, water them, baby them, and then when the season passes we forget all about them.  Don’t do that!! Backyard nature photography is fun, relaxing, and rewarding.  You can showcase your best plants for years to come with just a few well chosen shots.  This was a picture I took this spring of a Bleeding Heart plant in my backyard.  The season has passed and the beautiful flowers are gone but they live on through the pictures I took of them. 

What are some of your favorite floral picture memories? Leave a comment below and share your favorites.  


Give the Little Hands a Hand

  My daughter is eight and a half months old.  Already she is trying to follow in the steps of her musical father and play the piano.  She loves music of all kinds and always wants to help Daddy play whenever he sits down for a few minutes.  Now I know this can be frustrating at times and my husband has confessed to trying to sneak off and play so she wouldn’t notice him.  I think it’s important to remember though that what might sound like tuneless pounding now is building the framework for a possible musician later on.  So when your child does something just like you, don’t get frustrated because it’s not coming out just right.  Instead look ahead and see the possibilities.  Every child is filled with a potential that we can’t even imagine yet.

For me this is the most fulfilling type of infant and child photography.  it is showcasing the uniqueness of the child while using a simple, familiar, and enjoyable setting for that child.



Alternative Photography

Who says photography has to be boring and always the same?  We have all seen the perfectly exposed picture, the best placement and even the perfect subject.  Sometimes though it is fun to just invert everything and enjoy life from a different perspective. Nature photography, portrait photography, and even wedding photography can be viewed from different angles, colors, and perspectives and that is just one of the ways to make photography fun and memorable. 

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It’s All in the Perspective…..

Is it a large field with mountains or is it just a really low shot of grass up close? Well I’ll never tell 😉 This picture demonstrates something I love about photography.  Someone else could have stood at the exact same spot I did and taken a completely different picture.  In photography it’s all about your story and your perspective. So go out there today and take pictures, have fun, and explore you world from your own unique perspective. 
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Geese Crossing

  I love nature photography as I’m sure everyone can see.  So the other night on a walk down by the river I was thrilled to see lots and lots of geese. They were out for a night time stroll as well and didn’t seem to mind sharing the walkway with humans. 

Well one goose might have minded a little 🙂 

A View From a Park Bench

  While taking a walk last night in pretty little park along the Mississippi River my attention was drawn to the park benches.  It was beautiful night along the river  and I got some good shots of the benches in some unique ways. 

  Here a beautiful sunset is showcased from the bench bringing to mind the timeless scripture; “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork. ” Psalm 19:1

Doesn’t this scene just beg for you to sit down and stay awhile? 

   These beautiful scenes were waiting for me just moments from my home.  We miss out on so much beauty just by forgetting to get out and explore our local parks. 

UFO or…..

   Big boys like their toys too.  This isn’t really a UFO it’s just my husband flying his drone in a really spectacular night sky.  This overprocesswd picture shows how photography can be a fun part of every day life. 

Is Fish Photography Really Pet Photography?


Yes, fish are actually considered pets and in some homes fish are the unsung pet heros of the house.  Just think about it, fish don’t jump on the furniture, shred the curtains, or eat your shoes.  What is not to love about these quiet, little friends.  Fish photography is also one of the hardest of all pet photography tasks. This little picture took many tries and much patience.  In the end the picture was worth it as it came out beautifully and is a perfect way to remember a special little pet.