Why Pet Photgraphy?

 Hhk Pets are our best friends.  They stick with us no matter what.  However, we rarely have a good picture of our pet.  Oh, there are often pictures which show the faithful dog sitting in the corner,  or the family cat lazing in the sun at the far edge of the frame, but these are usually just accidental appearances in our photographic history.  Pets have so much personality just waiting to be showcased in some stunning photography.  Often we can all think of that special dog who did a certain trick, or the smug smile of a contented cat, or even the fluffy smoothness of the family bunny.  Why didn’t we ever think to pull out our cameras and take a picture?

  The answers are many but it is often because we are too busy in the moment enjoying our pets.  We don’t think about wanting to see these special moments again.  However, we often wish we had just one good picture to remember one of these special friends when we no longer have them.  This is a picture of my lovable Boston Terrier, Nina, basking in the sun.  It is just one example of how a pets personality can be remembered forever in a picture.  At MyPix Studio we love doing Pet Photography so that we can help to make sure that your pets are shown to be as special as they are.




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