Give the Little Hands a Hand

  My daughter is eight and a half months old.  Already she is trying to follow in the steps of her musical father and play the piano.  She loves music of all kinds and always wants to help Daddy play whenever he sits down for a few minutes.  Now I know this can be frustrating at times and my husband has confessed to trying to sneak off and play so she wouldn’t notice him.  I think it’s important to remember though that what might sound like tuneless pounding now is building the framework for a possible musician later on.  So when your child does something just like you, don’t get frustrated because it’s not coming out just right.  Instead look ahead and see the possibilities.  Every child is filled with a potential that we can’t even imagine yet.

For me this is the most fulfilling type of infant and child photography.  it is showcasing the uniqueness of the child while using a simple, familiar, and enjoyable setting for that child.




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